Vaccination requirements


Your pet's health is of paramount importance to us, therefore, we require evidence of the following current, vet-administered vaccinations prior to your pet's visit as some vaccines take 5-7 days to become effective:

Dogs – DHLPP+CV / Bordatella / Rabies
Cats – Distemper / Feline Leukemia / Rabies

A Negative fecal is required within 6 months prior to boarding for both cats & dogs.

To insure maximum socialization with other guests, please schedule your vet visit not less than one week prior to boarding.

Check-in is between 8am-8pm. If you drop off between 5pm-7pm there will be no boarding charge for that day.  If you drop off between 7pm-8pm there is a $10 fee. There is always a charge for the day of pick-up

*Please note: We do close early around the holidays, we do not offer the 5p-7p discount on those days.

All Breed Grooming - please inquire



Reservations are required for all of our services, except daycare. 

Our pre-registration forms (PDF) are accessible by "clicking" on the link below.

You may fax the form to us, drop it in the mail or bring it with you when you visit us prior to your pet's first visit. Please do not e-mail the form to us.

We must receive both the form and vaccination records prior to your pet's check-in date to confirm reservations.

* We do not accept dogs or cats that are un-spayed/un-neutered over the age of 2 

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Preregistration Form (docx)