Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat!

Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat!

Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat! Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat! Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat!

At Pet Suite Retreat, we strive to give your pet unsurpassed care whether it be boarding, grooming or daycare.

Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat!

Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat!

Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat! Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat! Welcome to Pet Suite Retreat!

At Pet Suite Retreat, we strive to give your pet unsurpassed care whether it be boarding, grooming or daycare.

About Us

 With more than 17 years of experience and a client list approaching 3,000 owners, we are proud of the fact that we are now caring for a second generation of animals for a significant number of our clients. 

 Like people, dogs don't automatically love every other dog. Our job is to make sure each dog in our charge is playing with a group of dogs that he or she really likes to play with. As our playtime is outside in our large play yards (complete with digging areas), the dogs have lots of running room and play harder than if they were playing indoors so when they come back indoors, they happily retreat to their own space for a cookie and a snooze until the next playtime an hour or so later. 


We have two great locations to serve you: our original shop at 26245 Michigan Avenue in Inkster - where you can watch your dog on our webcams - and our other location at 2300 Bellingham Drive in Troy. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff looks forward to meeting you and your pet and promise to make your (and their) experience an enjoyable one.


♦ We are open 7 days a week from 8am-8pm (daycare starts at 7am)

♦ We do NOT limit breeds

♦ We do NOT accept dogs or cats that are un-spayed/un-neutered over the age of 2

♦ We group dogs by size and temperament

♦ We have social kitty rooms with climbing towers

♦ We board rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets and birds

. . . AND our rates are lower than all of the national chains and franchises.



Pet Day Care

 Dog daycare is a great way to keep your social dog happy and well exercised (and let you relax at the end of a long work day). Additionally, day care is an excellent socialization tool for puppies. We strive to prevent stress in your pup by providing lots of outside playtime in our large yards that have pools in the summer and digging areas all the time. 

 Dogs usually spend approximately 3-1/2 hours per day outside during 7-8 play periods (number and duration of play periods varies with weather conditions). Dogs that are dog aggressive and do not go in a group get the same amount of playtime and attention from our staff as the others. 

 We have an excellent socializing record. If your pup is nervous, we will work with him or her to improve confidence levels so that group play is something they look forward to. Instead of putting all dogs together as our competitors do, we group dogs by size and temperament, the goal being to find the best fit to maximize your pet's fun. We want to send your dog home "dog tired," whether it be from a day of dog daycare or a boarding stay. 



We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm (daycare starts at 7am). Holiday weeks will have shortened hours to enable us to better care for your pets.

No reservation is necessary for daycare.

We do not limit breeds but we do require that your pet must be spayed or neutered by the age of 2.


Pet Boarding


Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird . . . Iguana

Our guests arrive in all shapes and sizes. We provide a welcome stay for just about any companion animal.



Our DOG boarding facility is designed to provide your pet with fresh air and natural light in safe and sanitary surroundings. Extra large, topped, dog runs are housed in a year-round, climate-controlled environment with full-sprinkler and alarm system security. Three outdoor areas, monitored by our staff, accommodate exercise and socialization with other dogs (or private, outdoor sessions upon your request). Our approach of socializing and multiple, daily playtimes is designed to offer your pet activities for their enjoyment as well as reduce any stress a pet may experience while away from home. Should you desire to pamper your dog, we also provide furnished, carpeted SUITES complete with TVs.



Our CAT boarding facilities include scratching posts, toys, cozy sleeping baskets and climbing structures. In Troy, we have a fish tank for the cats to gaze at, ever hopeful. We do not crate cats, preferring instead to have them in as home-like an environment as possible. As with dogs, we socialize the cats unless you instruct us otherwise and we are happy to comply with your kitty's normal feeding requirements. Cats receive a lot of human attention (just like the dogs) and are provided time to roam our reception area periodically.



OTHER PETS (including birds, ferrets, rabbits, and even frogs) reside in our reception area, so they can keep an "eye" on "us" as well. While they are crated most of the time, they are outside of their crates for periodic playtimes and during our routine crate cleaning. Rates are available on request.


Pet Grooming


Having your dog groomed is not only pleasing to the senses, it is also beneficial to his (or her) general health and well-being.

A complete dog grooming includes nail trimming, ear cleaning and gland expression as needed. A pre-cut or brushing, bathing with a conditioning shampoo and thorough drying allows our groomers to inspect your dog's body to detect any problem areas as well.

Our dog groomers are familiar with most standard breed cuts and are able to make modifications to suit your dog's lifestyle or keep in "show" shape.


Contact Us

Inkster location:

(313) 277-6805

26245 Michigan Ave., Inkster, MI, 48141

Troy location:

(248) 689-7387

2300 Bellingham Dr., Troy, MI, 48083

Pet Suite Retreat

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