Indoor Swim sessions

The Pool

It doesn't have to be 85 and sunny for your pup to enjoy the water - our pool is open year-round! Not only is swimming a great exercise for your dogs, It's also therapeutic for those with joint or ACL issues as it provides a low impact alternative to normal play activities.

Your dog doesn't swim or you are unsure if they do or not

We can help!

Our swim coaches will swim with your pup, cradling him or her to provide a secure feeling while experiencing water for the first time. Dogs will naturally 'dog paddle' (some more fluidly than others). As they start to feel more comfortable in the water, we gradually allow them to swim on their own.  

Swimming for boarding and daycare dogs as well as open swimming for all others are on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays. Boarding and Daycare clients - let us know at drop-off if you'd like to schedule a swim. All others, please call for available times.